About Us

We have created this space for people to not only become stronger but become more active and to feel comfortable in a training environment. One of our major focuses is to educate people on taking better care of themselves to live a long, healthy life.


I decided to join the local Y as a college freshman and fell in love with fitness. Graduated college and worked for corporate America, but felt out of place and somewhat unfulfilled, which is when I decided to become a certified personal trainer as a hobby. Shortly after having gotten a couple more specialty certifications, I decided to quit my job and work for a large luxury gym in NYC, from there, I worked for other large big-box gyms and a couple smaller boutique training facilities. Mike and I met and shared a passion for training and agreed one day to open our own space where clients would not only feel comfortable in a smaller training environment with more personalized attention but would have access to great equipment and continue to have amazing results.

I have 10 years of experience specializing in weight loss, weight management, strength training and mobility work. My clients have run marathons, competed in powerlifting meets & bodybuilding shows, have collectively lost many pounds of unwanted body fat and gained many years of a healthy life back.

These wonderful, capable people range in age from 18-80; grandparents have developed the strength to roll around on the floor with their grandkids, office workers have learned how to deal with stress and back pain. Moms have gotten their mojo’s back and athletes find their best selves.

Certified Personal Trainer

Level 1 Kettlebell Certified

CPR/AED American Red Cross

Pre/Post Natal Training Certified


At age 5, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes; as a diabetic, I adapt to difficult circumstances very well. Variables in my nutrition, workouts, sleep, activity, etc., are just a few components that affect my health on an every-day basis. I take pride in my resilience and I love meeting people who I have an opportunity to share my experience with. One of my great passions in life is empowering other people by educating them on how to put their health as a priority which not only benefits their wellbeing, but also their friends and families.

Throughout high school and my college years, I spent much of my free time in the gym as a therapeutic release. At 18 years old, I lost my dad. This tremendous loss has always been a source of fuel for me; It has motivated me to work harder and to take better care of myself to be able to stay healthy and take care of myself and my family.

I decided to pursue a career in health and fitness for all of these reasons and more, but I truly have never felt better about the path my life has taken because of fitness.

Certified Personal Trainer

Crossfit Level 1


CPR/AED American Red Cross