30 min of guided foam rolling, finding adhesions that limit joint articulation, providing manual stretching, use of hypervolt, lacrosse balls, etc.

Pre/Post Natal

If you have recently found out you are expecting and are unsure of how to continue your workout program, we can assist with all of your needs. Robin is certified in pre/post natal exercise. A lot of women are eager to getting back to the gym shortly after to giving birth. Once approved by a physician, a lot of women tend to overtrain post pregnancy. There is a proper order that you need to get your body re-accustomed to exercise including but not limited to pelvic floor, abdominal strength, lower back strength, stability and upper body strength.

Sport Specific Training

We have worked with athletes for both in and off season training. For example golf, baseball, football, wrestling, tennis, lacrosse, field hockey and softball. We individually work with each athlete and discuss their strengths and weaknesses and build a program accordingly.

Weight Loss

With weight loss clients we take a practical approach to set them up for success. We do a full intake, talk to them about what has and has not worked in the past.We encourage weight loss clients to allow us to

Strength Training

Whether you are new to strength training or have years under your belt we will help you break through plateaus and achieve your goals. Olympic lifting, powerlifting or a mix of both we can dial in your training to optimize your potential.

Youth Athletics

As a youth athlete our main focus is to prevent injuries while increasing their individual performance. Athletes at a young age have the opportunity to set themselves up for success from the beginning in order to have long, successful and healthy seasons by learning the proper mechanics, strengths and recovery needed to perform.

Body Building

The sport of bodybuilding is one of discipline, hard work, dialed in nutrition and accountability. We have experience coaching and programming for the bodybuilder physique for both men and women and know the ins and outs of what it takes to get show-ready.